Welcome to the modern tattoo studio

From sketching to sessions, InkTools helps you manage your clients, projects and studio supplies.

All-in-One Platform

An integrated set of creative and business tools designed for professional artists and studios.

Sketch Tool

A powerful and intuitive digital illustration app for iPad with advanced layer system and Ink matching technology that stores your files on the cloud.

Tattoo Sessions

A graphical summary of your free/busy time slots so that you can schedule your appointments and send Reminder notifications and Alerts.

Supply Closet

Automate your inventory management by tracking stock levels, configuring restock options and managing orders with your suppliers.

Your Studio in your hands

Now you can have full control of your tattoo Studio in a single app. Inktools can help you organize your clients, appointments, sessions, consent forms and payments on-the-go.

Multiple studios? No Problem!

You can manage different Studio locations and have full control of clients, projects, supplies and multi-State Consent Forms.

Client and Session Management

Manage your projects from the start to end. Start with a calendar tool that tracks your appointments and sends client reminders. Manage client sessions by tracking deposits and payments, providing customized Release Forms, and capturing progress photos.

Ink Color Matching and Ordering

Use our proprietary Ink Color Palettes or Ink Matcher tool that identifies the exact ink color and manufacturer part number from participating ink brands. You can then order all the inks and supplies you’ll need for each piece or project directly from the app!

Inventory and Stock Management

A virtual Supply Closet with your personalized real-time inventory, re-order reminders and direct ordering from major supply companies. Now you can activate automatic reordering of selected inventory based on your own usage.

We're almost ready!

Stay tuned for our exclusive Beta Launch!